Friday, March 26, 2010

Pack It Up, Pack It In

In the immortal words of DJ Lance, Brobee, Foofa, and our other friends from Yo Gabba Gabba land, “Goodbye, see you later, we had fun… and now it’s done… it was fun… now we’re done.” (If you know the song, please just imagine it playing in the background while the photo montage plays. Please also cue Toodie crying next to a tree because we’re leaving. Thanks.)

Knock on wood, we’ve sold our 861 square-foot condo in Southie that we’ve called home since November 20, 2006. That same night, I proposed to the then-gf in our empty kitchen - except the table, four chairs, and an empty pizza box - when our adventure officially began. We got married in 2007. We learned of the pregnancy with Greta in 2008 and welcomed her in 2009. Most recently, we discovered that male Baby T will be arriving this coming summer. Obv, lots of milestones for the T family at 410 East Third Street in just over three years.

Besides leaving the first place the wife and I ever owned (subject to whichever bank most recently bought the mortgage of course), we are also leaving Southie. At last count, the wife has lived here for something like 38 years. Technically, that’s not possible given her actual age, the fact that she grew up in Carver, and went to college in Vermont before returning home, but who’s going to argue with a pregnant lady?

For years, I’ve chuckled at commuters in panty hose or suits with sneakers walk/jogging very un-athletically to South Station as they hustled to make a train. At other times, I would smirk after seeing another commuter tightly gripping a steering wheel, teeth clenched, staring laser beams into the traffic light just waiting for a green, so he or she could floor it onto 93 or the Pike in whatever direction only to slam on the brakes and crawl home in lurches and starts for miles on end. In a few short weeks, I will become that sucker. Oof.

In addition to leaving behind either the red line subway, a number 7 bus ride, or my bike ride to work or downtown, there are many other treats about Southie that I will miss dearly: 4th of July; St. Patty’s Day; our roof deck; double parking with reckless abandon; walking distance to more bars and coffee joints than I can count; Castle Island; any of the beaches; liquor stores that deliver (even though I’ve only ordered twice, I swear); Rainbow Dragon; proximity to multiple playgrounds and parks for G within stroller distance; and affordable cab distance to most any location in Beantown.

On the other hand, a few of my least favorite things that I will not miss whatsoever: a single wall or floor separating the neighbors above, below, and next to us; shoveling out and saving a parking space; cabbies honking instead of ringing a doorbell; vicariously fearing parking tickets for our visitors; and moving our cars because of street cleaning on Thursdays.

Gotta admit, though, I’m looking forward to walking around barefoot outside again. And to starting my own veggie garden.

So, one chapter ends and another begins. City slickers no more, we’re off to the burbs. Thanks Southie. It’s been a great ride. Now get out of my way, I’ve got a train to catch.

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Melissa DelPrete said...

Of course as soon as I read the title of this post, I started singing: "Pack it up, Pack it in, Let me begin, I came to win, Battle me, That's a sin...". Nice House of Pain reference, dude. Haha!

Definitely a bitter sweet move... So many great memories in Southie (of course Michelle must have a million over 38 years) but you guys will build such a wonderful life with your amazing fam out in the 'burbs. I can't wait to visit!

Good luck with the move!!!