Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick Update

A more thorough post will be forthcoming soon. Gus is totally off oxygen, which is of course great news. More about him and Gigi to come.

Just wanted to share a link to an on-line magazine based in the Boston area that will be featuring my posts over the next three weeks about Gus' birth. It's a pretty cool magazine so take a look here: The posts will be under the "Dads" section. "August in July" went on-line this morning - the headline refers to the G-man as "Augustus." He's getting new nick names already!

Take a look at the other articles, too - the magazine has some really talented writers. Enjoy.


Melrody said...

Hey Den, I meant to send you this Good Men Project Book - where did you hear about this? My friend is affiliated with it...

Dennis said...

Hey Melrody! So had a little article on the Good Men Project. Then one of my buddies sent me a link a few days later. I took it as a sign and e-mailed them to see if they'd be interested. Thank you for lending the book to me. It is next in the rotation.