Monday, October 11, 2010

You Do Milk?

Two kids in two years. Back on October 25, 2008, I launched waitingforbabyt/daddio de novo with "So you've got swimmers..." (anyone remember back that far?) at the encouragement of THE WIFE, as we braced for the arrival of Greta the following February. I was kind of just feeling my way around in the dark - both on the writing front and on the expecting parent front. Two years and Gus' addition to the family later, we Ts are still kicking like ninjas. And somehow amongst the chaos of our routine, the blogs have continued - albeit infrequently but technically they keep coming.

Meanwhile, you all reading these words have also stuck around. I wanted to take a second to thank you for that. Sharing with you in this way has been fulfilling for THE WIFE and I on many levels. I'm particularly grateful to those who have taken the time to comment either here, on FB, or during conversation. The encouragement and positive feedback means a lot. I am especially indebted to THE WIFE as my editor, guinea pig, muse, therapist, and consigliere on all matters blog-related and otherwise. Heart you big time Bug.

Who knows how long this blog will go? I certainly have no idea. But I know undoubtedly that I still enjoy writing it. So, I hope you still enjoy reading it. When it starts to get stale or boring, do me a favor and throw a rotten tomato at me. Until then, keep reading and enjoy.


My pops, Griswald, has many peculiar sayings - several of which my brother captured in a small book a few years back. One quote that stands out to me is Clark's strange inquiry to visitors at our house asking if "you do milk?" As a teenager, I cringed with moderate embarassment when he said this to my friends because it was just weird to me on many levels. Was he asking if someone was lactose intolerant? Was he asking if someone liked milk so much, they "do" it as if making love to it? And, by the way, who offers glasses of milk as a beverage to guests older than five years old anyway? Well, Griswald does, that's who!

Another staple comment of my dad involving beverages is actually a question - "You drink your juice?" He is adamant that we eat a "propah" breakfast and juice is apparently an important component to Grizz.

When it came to cooking the meal, my dad was very territorial about the kitchen. Once you enter the kitchen, he starts rattling off everything on his menu for the morning. If you open a cabinet while Grizz is at the helm, he'll hover next to you to peek over your shoulder and ask impatiently what you're looking for. Once his apron is on, I don't even try to interfere. Plus, he makes a damn good omelet.

Breakfasts in Greta's and Gus' home are a newly developing ritual. I'm slowly building a monopoly Gordon Gecko-like on breakfast as my meal to cook. G-man is easy: two ounces formula, two ounces water. The original instant breakfast. Done.

Gigi's tougher. Her juice (insert Clark's nodding approval) is half prune juice, half water - you know, to get the plumbing working. Her typical plate is a few handfuls of cheerios, some fruit, and a fried egg. Surprisingly, she's lukewarm on french toast and waffles. I've tried plain, maple syrup, butter, and fruit. (PB is the last resort but it's just so messy.) Greta will sit there channeling her inner Tom Colicchio, chewing inquisitively as I hope for a positive review. It's hit or miss.

Lately, I've resorted to a key weapon in the parental arsenal: manipulation. One morning after the sunlight hit my fork just right creating a reflection on the ceiling, Tinkerbell suddenly began gracing us with appearances on her way home from all-nighters with Peter Pan. After we all exchange initial pleasantries - G and I saying hello/how are you while Tinkerbell shakes around in respone - I send Tinkerbell away and suggest to Greta innocently that perhaps Tinkerbell will return if she eats her pancake. Today, I carved some cats and fish out of an apple so we meowed and bubble mouthed. Whatever it takes!

C'mon by the casa next time you're in Easton. I'll ask if you "do omelets" and fire one up for you as we wait to see if Tinkerbell shows up.


MichelleT said...

okay - I have to defend myself on the dirty diaper front. When we moved from our tight one floor condo in southie to a two level home in the burbs, I added the diaper genie to both the kids bedrooms (when we lived in the condo, we could walk 3 steps from Greta's bedroom and hit the trash). A week after moving in to the burbs, Den decided this was the most disgusting invention of all time and would not allow use of this disposal method. His alternative solution: throw dirty diapers in any trash he finds (so you could be using our bathroom with a can full of dirty diapers - disgusting). I refuse to throw the diapers in the random trash cans around the house. If we are not using the diaper genie, then the main trash is the only other place this is acceptable. Often times when I am alone with my peeps, I don't have enough hands to grab both kids, and two dirty diapers. So, there is it. If Den allowed the diaper genie in our house, he would not have this to complain about!

Congrats on two years of amazing writing!!! Proud of you xoxo

DarcC said...

I always enjoy your posts. For two kids I've never met, it's been fun watching them grow!

Scott said...

I love the question "you do milk?" I think I am going to start asking Aidan's friends as they come in the house.

Chad said...

I enjoyed your side note. Our baby, Cullen, had one of those cartoon-like projectile vomit episodes sitting in the high chair. It just went on and on. Our older boy (15) thought it was great. Wish we had it on tape.
Here's something else I thought you might enjoy. Cullen also has DS, as does our middle girl, Kameryn.

Dennis said...

Chad: So happy to have you on board with the blog. Thanks for reading. Thanks also for that link - great story! It didn't show up in full on this page but I got it from an email that generates automatically to me whenever anyone leaves a message. I'm going to try to paste it here:

Dennis said...

Must've been too long. I'll break it up into two parts for anyone interested.


Just join the two separate parts together.