Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toes Up

We started our first Teravainen Family Vacation yesterday. We are in Madison, NH for the week. I’ve been so amped to get up here and relax.

Both of the kids are asleep for naps. THE WIFE just went grocery shopping for the third time in twenty-four hours. I’ve got a new machine to write on. Now, I can finally write all sorts of blogs that’ve been swimming around in my brain for months. I’m thinking one post every day of vacation. Heck, I’ll double down on a good day. So here goes.

[Twenty minutes later after pouring a glass of wine, cleaning the house, and pacing for ideas…]

I've created a chart in MS Word and I'm trying to figure out how to paste it into the site. Stay tuned.


Meg said...

Hi there... you should be able to download an image grabber (Jing) for free and then grab an image of your chart and load it as a pic? That might work...have a great vaca!!

Britt said...

Also a 'ghetto' way to do what meg says is to 'print screen' while you have the chart up. Paste it into a doc or email, crop it, and save it as an image. Then you can insert it as a pic.

Dennis said...

Thanks dudes. I'll take your advice. Send me a bill in the mail.