Friday, November 18, 2011

An Ode to the Ole Sweet Tooth

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Eighteen days status post-Halloween. A few notes for the old file.

Greta was a strawberry. She participated this year more enthusiastically than her two whole prior halloweens. In the weeks leading up to the big night, she said over and over “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” Once we actually made it to the front doors of our neighbors, however, Greta stood paralyzed and unable to say anything. The neighbor would say or try any of the old tricks, but my girl wasn’t budging. She would just hold out her bag without ever breaking eye contact, staring the treat giver into submission. Once she felt the thud of a candy, Greta was outta there. Well then.

Gus was a green dragon. He was a trooper, tagging along for the ride in a wagon. He was actually pretty tolerant of wearing the costume. Overall, his participation was very similar to Greta’s the year before: but for Mom and Dad dressing him up in a silly suit, he would have been happier just lounging at home. Maybe next year, Greta will actually say “Trick or treat” and Gus will be walking up to the doors next to her, while their baby sister squirms in a hand-me-down costume.

Before I go on, here is where I mention how freaking lame the people are who were home and just kept their lights off. Other than religious objections which I’m not talking about, who would be so lame as to not at least fill a bowl with the cheapest candy you can find on sale at CVS or Shaw’s and leave it outside on a chair? I was shocked by the number of non-participants in our neighborhood. And I’m pretty sure they’re not Jehovah’s witnesses. Anyway, whatever the Halloween equivalent of Bah Humbug is, that’s what I say to you non-Halloweenies. So there.

By now, THE WIFE and I have unsurprisingly done a number on the kids’ candy loot stash. Greta and Gus pulled in a good haul this year. They scored us lots of the old favorites. Some of our neighbors (the high rollers – definitely not us) even went so far as to give out full-size candy bars. No way we were feeding our kids that crap. Only we get to eat that crap.

Generally, we raid the bags after they go down for bed. THE WIFE and I definitely don’t go digging within ear shot of Greta. If she hears a candy wrapper crinkling, Greta will hunt you down and shame you into returning the candy to her stash. As we’ve been sniffing through what remains, it dawned on me to tally a list of my first round draft picks.

1.) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. C’mon, you didn’t expect anything else here did you? Seriously, though, the bar for me doesn’t go any higher than a Reese's. And, I swear the Halloween edition of the R.P.B.C.’s has something in them that make the cups better than at any other time of year. I know Hershey’s would never reveal if they mix up a different batch for the October editions, but they are my kryptonite. Best.

2.) Kit Kats. I don’t think KKs get as much street cred as they deserve on the Halloween scene. Very underrated. Chocolate over a crispy wafer. Pretty damn good.

3.) Watchamacallits. Truth be told, Greta and Gus didn’t score any this year. And I’m not sure they are even sold in Halloween snack size batches. But I love these candies.

4.) Almond Joy. Another candy that flies under the radar if you ask me. Damn good.

5.) Snickers. If I’m at a candy vending machine and I’m hungry, I’m buying one of these. I imagine these rank higher on the list for others because they always seem to go faster than anything else. As far as getting a good bang for the buck, Snickers are a solid choice in my opinion.

And that’s where the list ends. Milky Way, Rolos, 3 Musketeers, 100 Grand, and Hershey’s chocolate bars are all decent, but they don’t crack my top 5. Agree or disagree? Would love to hear you weigh in.

Now I'm off to the dentist. And the gym. After just one more Reese's.


Chad said...

I missed hearing THE WIFE by an hour - shouldn't have been watching football.

Dennis said...

We'll forgive you Chad. Did anyone out there happen to record it?

Scott said...

Milky Way is my favorite with Reese's being a close second. Almond Joy makes me want to puke.

As for TV shows, I totally agree with you on Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire. Great shows and Jimmy does look like Leo. Michael Pitt has been around for a long time. He's kind of a freak but great in that show. I really like Arnold Rothstein and his crew (Luciano and Lansky). It's cool to see them portrayed as young guys. And the guy that plays Capone is great.

For more viewing pleasure I would check out American Horror Story. I think it's great. I have also just started watching Homeland and Hell on Wheels and they are both really good as well.

I love the side bar about track. I joined the indoor track team in high school for one was co-ed.

Melissa DelPrete said...

I've been so lame and haven't kept up to date on your posts, buddy. My apologies...

Um candy is my FAVORITE! If I could make a meal of it and not have my ass grow bigger, I would do it. Here are my top 5:

1. Hershey Kisses. By far my favorite. I eat 2 at a time and let them melt in my mouth.
2. Kit Kat. Suck an under-rated candy. Heaven.
3. Whatchamacallit. GOOD CALL!
4. Baby Ruth. Amazing.
5. Butterfinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delicious.

Now I want candy. Thanks, dude.