Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Side Project

Back in August of this year during our family vacation, I mentioned how I was beginning to work on a writing project that was going to be a lot different from Daddio de Novo.  The first installment is finally ready.  I’m very eager to share it with anyone interested in taking a look.  But before we get there, I have a few comments first.

The blog has been and continues to be a really enjoyable way for me to write.  Coincidentally, my first posting went public almost exactly four years ago.  If my wife Michelle (best known here affectionately as “THE WIFE”) had not encouraged me to pull the trigger on go public, I’m pretty certain that no more than a handful of people would have ever read anything that I created.  By comparison, the blog has received over 30,000 impressions since we started tracking them.  Granted, about 50% of the hits are from me doing half-assed re-reads to search for typos at three a.m. after I prematurely published something but who cares?

Virtually all of the feedback I have ever received from THE READERS about the blog these past four years has been overwhelmingly positive.  To this day, it makes me so happy to hear from any of our relatives or friends who say that they have read a post.  My only regret is that I have been unable to write as frequently as I was able to before, which is mostly due to the population control problem we’ve been experiencing at Casa de Teravainen but also because I fear any sort of a backlash due to overexposure. 

Now while Daddio de Novo certainly offers the opportunity to me to be creative through written expression, I find that the blog does not present an appropriate medium to present “traditionally pure” fiction like short stories or essays.  Another chronic problem I’ve encountered is simply starting projects and never finishing them.  I can’t tell you how many ideas or the beginnings of writings are sitting in various journals that never went anywhere, not including a screenplay that still awaits conversion into industry format and a play that just needs some finishing touches. 

Long story short, I’ve finally taken what I believe to be the next logical step as far as scratching the itch I have to entertain people with words.  I wrote nine different “pieces” (that sounds really pretentious but I can’t think of a better word) in a new blog called Gap Tooth Tales.  Basically what I’ve done is published current drafts of totally different fictional stories that are mostly short in length, which will demonstrate an entirely different range of style than what THE READERS are accustomed to seeing here in Daddio.
I’d love to say that Gap Tooth Tales will be updated every week or month, but I know that is probably unrealistic.  I’m going to wait and see what kind of reaction I get from any readers first, if any.  At least as of now, I intend to update the “To be continued” stories as inspiration arises.  As for any new posts unconnected to prior entries, I’ll probably post them in groups so that a reader can select from multiple new stories.

Before I go further, let me repeat myself that a few (definitely not all) of the posts may be disturbing or even offensive to those with more traditional tastes.  My intent is not to shock and awe necessarily.  In fact, some people may not even blink at all when they get to the parts that I’m talking about.  I just wanted to write without limitations on any subject matter.  I don’t expect everyone to be a fan and I’m cool with that.  In other words, I understand already a reader here or there may prefer to just stay with this blog, which is also totally okay.

If you made it this far, I hope you check out the site.  Go to the link for “Introduction” first, if you don’t mind.  Without further delay, here is the link to Gap Tooth Tales: http://gaptoothtales.wordpress.com/.  

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Chad said...

I always thought this blog was mostly fictional. :)